Affiliate Program

Yes! Lead Garner reseller program offers direct 30% commission on the revenues generated by the referred source. (Our affiliates can claim for 10 invoices or quarterly, whichever comes first)

To get started to the reseller program, please fill the contact form

Once you are selected, we will send you a unique affiliate link to redirect legitimate customers to Lead Garner. On the conversion, you will be expected to receive a direct 30% commission after 45 days on the following Friday (we have the 45 day grace period to ensure we account for potential refunds).


  1. Affiliates must be accurate when presenting Lead Garner to their respective audience and public.
  2. Affiliates cannot refer themselves and already registers users.
  3. Lead Garner reserves the full right to exclude/remove/suspend affiliates from our affiliation program. We ensure and verify the legitimacy of the referred users to ensure our values.

If you have any questions, contact us at ( We will work with you to help you get started and maximize your results.