Data Appending
Update Incomplete or Outdated Data

Data quality is one of the most critical factors of return on investment (ROI), and it may make or break a marketing campaign. Every month, LeadGarner analyzes billions of consumer and corporate information assisting businesses to avoid communicating out-of-date contacts, and increasing response rates to marketing campaigns. Our customers rely on our data appending services to help them enhance their sales and marketing activities on a continuous basis while avoiding expensive blunders caused by inaccurate data.

Data Appending

It might be tough to know where to begin if you aren't familiar with the quality of your data. Lead Garner's free data audit provides you with a summary of the hygiene of your business and user data, as well as an analysis of the gaps and possibilities that may exist within it. The research, carried out by our experienced data processing teams, provides you with a profile of your consumers, an evaluation of the correctness of your data, and an estimate of the return on investment (ROI) of your data. We can assist you in removing inactive, dormant and non-existing email addresses from your database, lowering the risk of deliverability difficulties such as high bounce rates, blacklisting, and ISP bans, which may result in considerable income loss.

Eliminate Duplication

Create a single clean, usable data source by combining multiple information sources into a single database. This will eliminate duplication, lower marketing costs, and increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. To find deliverable and active records we evaluate your data according to its completeness and correctness to determine deliverable and relevant records. Apply your direct marketing efforts to only these records in order to increase conversions while staying inside your budget constraints.

Learn more about the merging process and how it works with deep analytics to discover areas where you can enhance your data appending and management operations while also cutting waste.