Tradeshows & Events

Garner list of attendee contacts for your product ahead of time.

Companies and marketers find trade shows and industry events to be quite beneficial. However, as you are probably aware, attending exhibitions requires both time and money. Business and companies spend approximately 30% of their overall marketing budget on events and exhibitions, according to Forrester research.

Given the large sums of money that are been invested on trade shows, how can businesses get the most for their investment?

Create appointments in advance

Garner list of attendees contact for your product ahead of time. Give them a quick description of your business or product, and then ask if they would be interested in scheduling 10 to 15 minutes of booth time. In the event that you have a standing calendar invitation to meet with you, people will be less inclined to miss your exhibit.

Promote your booth

The primary and most important step is to advise your prospects where they can find you. Provide them with a booth number as well as a map or a unique aspect to help them locate your booth. The display halls at trade shows are quite packed. Make it simple for potential customers to locate you. You should also publicize any freebies, product demonstrations, competitions, or other advantages that your prospects will get if they stop by your booth during the event's pre-show programming.

Personalize your Email Campaign

Be sure to follow up as soon as possible. It is critical that you contact attendees as soon as possible in order to stand out from the slew of emails they will get from other vendors a few days following the event. Produce and plan your email messages ahead of time to ensure that they are ready to launch the moment you get fresh leads. Don't be scared to experiment with different send times. If you send your message too soon, guests may probably be traveling to and from the show. If you send your message too late, your guests will have completely forgotten about you.

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